Why Use a Specialist Cat Groomer?

Mau Mau with Mary - Cat Grooming Surrey

Mary with Man Mau

A well groomed cat is a happy cat. Regular grooming keeps a pet’s fur in a healthy shiny condition by preventing hairballs, removing unwanted hair and improving blood circulation. It also means fewer hairs around your home!

Not every owner has either the time or is able to groom their own cat. Maybe the cat is old, aggressive or just too independent. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help.

Unlike general dog and cat groomers, we’re actually specifically qualified cat groomers having undertaken rigorous training from the Cats Grooming School and I am a member of the Pet Industry Federation.

One of the reasons why our clients – and their cats – love us is because we groom in their own homes. Not only is this more convenient for owners but it also helps keep their furry friends relaxed too. No trying to gather the cat up in a basket only to be groomed elsewhere in a van or a soulless room.

What’s more we also use aromatherapy and of course our gentle actions to help keep cats calm. We cover all of Surrey and can come to you in the evenings and Saturdays. And if for any reason we can’t groom your cat in one session – we’ll only charge part of the price.

Stress-free, happy cats (and owners)!

Get in touch with the trusted specialist cat groomer in Surrey, Catskingdom today.