What Makes Someone Use Catskingdom – The Surrey Mobile Cat Groomer?


We’ve been looking through our recent testimonials and a number of areas seem to stand out. In reviews, customers often say that Jan from Catskingdom was able to groom cats when their owners couldn’t.

Many had originally approached Catskingdom to tackle, as one customer said, difficult areas that an ‘amateur couldn’t do’. They also said that they found doing the grooming themselves stressful.

Scrolling through the many reviews on social media, such as Google and Facebook, there’s no doubt that customers are extremely satisfied with the service. But after the initial groom, why do people still use Jan?

Jan says that customers also like the convenience – Catskingdom actually groom cats in their own homes at a time to suit the owner.

“If you’ve taken your cat to a vet you’ll know how stressful it can be trying to get them into the carrier basket! Cats do prefer to be in their own environment – some groomers will groom in a van parked in the driveway or in a parlour. These situations can make cats feel stressed – the key to a successful groom is having a relaxed cat.”

There are various videos that Jan has posted of the cats she’s groomed enjoying their grooms. The latest video is a compilation of some of those clips.

“I just thought it was a nice thing to show cats purring away after one of my grooms. I imagined what these feline friends would be saying. It was great fun to make.”

There’s also a serious side to why professional grooming is important as Jan explains.

“Cats can’t tell us if they feel pain and mats can be extremely painful for cats. In cases where I’ve had to do a lion shave [removing much of the fur], you can see the sense of relief.

“Owners sometimes try cutting out the mats themselves. This is a complete no no as they could cut the cats’skin. I’ve seen cases where animals have had to be taken to the vet because of this.

“I’m not veterinary qualified but because I’ve been doing this for so many years, I do spot things such as fleas which I can treat. Areas that I can’t, I do recommend owners speak to their vets.”

Jan’s therapeutic touch is also popular with customers.

Her background as a complementary therapist means that she can incorporate a therapeutic touch and massage into grooming sessions. Jan is currently training to be an animal healer which will further enhance her service.

What is becoming clear is that Jan and Catskingdom is loved by customers. She also knows what she is doing. Jan is qualified as a Master Cat Groomer – the highest qualification you can achieve for groomers.

Catskingsdom covers all of South West London and Surrey.

Look out for Jan in her car as she travels around the area to another happy customer with the word ‘Fur’ in the number plate.
If you would like to book Jan’s service, please get in touch:

Mobile 07702 010808
Email jan@catskingdom.co.uk