C Hopkinson

Jan is easily the best cat groomer I’ve ever met. I have two very fluffy Siberians and Jan is so gentle and kind with them. It’s not easy to… Read more

A Cassidy

Jan has been grooming my two cats for a couple of years now and I am really pleased with the service that she provides. I find it incredibly helpful… Read more

T Welch

5 stars is not enough for Jan. I was amazed at how she tackled the matts on my Persian and now I have a very happy cat again. She… Read more

J Phillips

Jan provides an extremely professional service and is a true expert in cat grooming and cat behaviour. She’s been visiting my two Ragdolls for 4 years now and I… Read more

Sarah Tyler

Jan is amazing! She spent nearly an hour and half grooming our precious 20 year old tuxie, who now looks half her age! Pepz is a feisty girl and… Read more

J Martin

Jan came to see Suki today and spent a couple of hours carefully shaving and combing out her serious mats. This process was complicated by a couple of very… Read more

Dai Bach

Jan has been an absolute godsend. She can put the grumpiest cat at ease and does an incredible job de-knotting even the knottiest kitten. I honestly cannot recommend Jan… Read more

Jacky Atkins

Thank you very much for making such a wonderful job of freeing our Robbiepuss from her horrid mats – she is obviously so much more comfortable now and the… Read more

S Frost

I have a 20 year old British shorthair and doesn’t bother grooming much any more. He loves his sessions with Jan, and is completely relaxed and content while she… Read more

David & Diane Dally

My Ragdoll hates being groomed so we had a huge problem when her fur became knotted. We were unable to do anything about it ourselves without her becoming very… Read more