Terms and Conditions


All bookings require a payment of £50 as deposit, payable on the day of booking the appointment. This can be by online transfer, cheque or cash paid into my bank account. Once the payment has cleared, the appointment will be confirmed by email, text or phonecall.

Balance of Payment

The outstanding balance is payable by bank transfer only at the end of the appointment.

Cancellations and missed appointments

A full refund will be given if appointments are cancelled or rescheduled with a minimum of 72 hours notice.

On arrival at the appointed time, if nobody is at home, or the cat is not in the house, full cost of the groom and visit is still payable prior to the next appointment.

Safety and health

A grooming session may be terminated for the safety or the health of either the cat or the groomer. If a session cannot be started, a charge will be made for the home visit only.

If, during a grooming session, the groomer notices any problems needing veterinary advice or treatment, the owner will be notified. A grooming session may not be completed if the groomer feels it necessary. Full cost of the groom will still be payable.

The groomer cannot be held responsible for any health issues a cat may develop subsequent to a grooming session.