A Customer From New Malden Asks About His Overweight Cat

A customer from New Malden has noticed that his black and white rescue cat ‘Bill’ of around three years old seems to have a paunch despite Stuart feeding him a good diet.


Jan from Catskingdom (mobile cat groomer covering New Malden) says:

First of all, do check with your vet if you are at all concerned about your cat’s weight. Some cats including wild ones – actually have a pouch of loose skin which hangs down between their back legs. You may notice the pouch more – swinging side to side  – when your cat runs.

So what exactly is it and what does it do?

The loose flap of skin is known as the primordial pouch – you’ll find the area is slightly softer and looser to the touch. It is more noticeable in younger cats and they will have it for life.

It is not caused by an overweight cat having lost weight. Your cat being spayed or neutered will also not affect the size of the pouch either. Interestingly, some cats have this pouch and others do not.

The primordial pouch acts as a fat reserve but is thought to protect the cat. When cats fight they will use their back legs to kick and the pouch helps to protect vital organs from both bite and claw wounds. 

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