Shaving A Cat’s Hygiene: Mobile Cat Groomer Covering Walton-on-Thames Answers Customer Query

Pat from Walton-on-Thames Asks Mobile Cat Groomer, Jan, About Shaving The Hygiene Area Of Her Cat

“Would you be able to help us shave the hygiene area of our 20 month-old Siberian so that she doesn’t eat so much fur? She has sicked-up a lot of fur recently and has also had diarrhoea,” says Pat from Walton-on-Thames.

If a cat is suffering from very frequent hairballs and has difficulty regurgitating them, vets sometimes recommend a full clip (lion cut) as a preventive measure (every four months). This is to help prevent hairball blockages which would require costly surgery. 

Diarrhoea and constipation, along with loss of appetite retching and vomiting but not producing a hairball, can indicate a hairball blockage and a vet consultation would be needed immediately to check if this is the case. 

I suggest regular professional grooming to remove loose hair and clipping of the belly by a Master Cat Groomer every two months. This will reduce the amount of hair being swallowed. It is also an effective alternative to a full clip in reducing hairball symptoms. Regular daily grooming by the owner in between professional grooms will also be needed as Siberians often find it difficult to manage the amount of hair in their coats by themselves. 

Shaving of the hygiene area only would have no effect on preventing hairballs as cats swallow hair from all over their body from grooming. A hygiene clip would only help prevent mats forming around the cat’s rear end and faeces sticking to the fur. This makes it easier for owners to keep the area clean using pet wipes which is especially important when there are young children and babies around. 

Siberians are not fully mature for five years so their coat takes time to develop and become thicker with age. It is very thick and dense in winter and sheds to a shorter thinner coat in summer – shedding hair needs to be removed constantly. 

The coat will need much more attention and grooming as they start to mature to prevent hairballs, mats and hygiene issues. Grooming costs will need to be factored in to their care needs. Regular maintenance grooms will keep the coat in good condition, preventing furball and hygiene problems, matted fur and hairs all over your clothing carpets and furniture. A well groomed cat is a happy cat!


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