Mobile Cat Grooming In Wimbledon – Trust Us

MauMau with Mary - Cat Grooming SurreyIf your kitty needs unknotting and you’re looking to find a cat grooming service in Wimbledon, SW London perhaps for the first time you’ve come to the right place.

Catskingdom, run by Master Cat Groomer Jan Littlemore,  is a mobile grooming service that you can trust.

Jan grooms your cat in the privacy and comfort of their own home. 

Especially for older cats or those of a nervous disposition, grooming in a familiar place is essential for the cat’s well-being. It gives the animal a sense of security.


Jan’s background in complementary therapy enables her to give her furry clients a feeling of well-being as well as a shiny coat, using massage and her therapeutic touch.

Jan is a Master Cat Groomer – the highest qualification in the field.  Take a look at just some of the wonderful reviews that Jan has received recently from happy clients.


Thank you very much for making such a wonderful job of freeing our Robbiepuss from her horrid fur balls – she is obviously so much more comfortable now and the surrounding fur looks soft and silky after her grooming.

I was so impressed with the way you took time to make friends with her before starting the treatment, that was lovingly given, and all the time ensured that she was as comfortable as possible while you skilfully removed her fur balls – a really hard job as they were so matted! She seems quite recovered from the trauma and back to her happy, bouncy self.

I would thoroughly recommend your kindly and careful grooming service to any cat owner.”

Susan Frost

“Hamish is a 20 year old British shorthair and doesn’t bother grooming much any more. He loves his sessions with Jan, and is completely relaxed and content while she grooms him. He is left fluffy, clean and happy, and seems to be able to move much more freely and comfortably after his massage. Its lovely to see the old boy so spirited!”

David & Diane Dally

“Talulah is an American Ragdoll. She hates being groomed so we had a huge problem when her fur became knotted. We were unable to do anything about it ourselves without Talulah becoming very distressed so we turned to professional groomers. However she is so nervous that none of them were able to handle her acceptably. After several bad experiences we had almost given up when we came upon Jan at CatsKingdom. It was like finding a Fairy Godmother.

The first time she came to the house she took time to get to know Talulah and to settle her down before starting to groom. It was fantastic seeing how relaxed our cat was as Jan handled her during the first grooming and we could not believe how beautiful she looked afterwards. Jan has come to us several times since then and it has been the same story every time. We cannot praise Jan highly enough and have no hesitation in recommending her services especially if your cat is at all nervous.”

Catskingdom, the mobile cat grooming service in Wimbledon, SW London and across Surrey you can trust.