Service tailored to your cat

Cat Grooming and Well-Being

Full cat groom including dry bath

  • Consultation as above
  • Claw trimming
  • Ear and eye cleaning with JP Mitchell pet products
  • Brushing out the coat with JP Mitchell pet foam shampoo or conditioner
  • Teasing out or clipping small knots as required
  • Chest, paw and hygiene trimming on request
  • Wiping body with JP Mitchell full body and paw bath wipes
  • Finishing coat treatment with liquid silk protein

Other services include:

  • Lion clips
  • Mat and pelt removal
  • Express brushouts

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On a per-cat basis

Grooming Price Guidelines

Before making a home visit we need to talk about your cat’s age, size, breed, temperament and gender, if neutered, current condition and thickness of the coat and grooming history in order to give you an estimate of the cost of a groom. Once I am able to see your cat at the first visit, a price will be agreed before starting the session. 

Pricing Guideline Small Medium Large XLarge XXLarge
Full cat groom and dry bath (no water required) £50 £55 £65 £75 £85
Belly, hygiene, trouser and mane trim-clip (extra as part of full cat groom) £20 £25 £30 £35 £35
Lion clip and dry bath £70 £75 £85 £95 £105
Claw trim and express brushout carried out at the same time as another of your cats is having a full groom £30 £35 £35 £40 £40
Small mat removal (no brushout) and claw trim £35 £40 £40 £45 £45

The prices shown above are as a guide only. Elderly cats, cats with difficult behaviour or very thick or matted coats will need more attention and cost more.

Severe matting and pelt removal from £130. Price is given on examination of the coat.

Home visits from £15.00 depending on location. Your postcode is needed to give you a home visit cost.

Home visits are separate to the costs of the groom. This includes travel time, petrol and setting up/taking down of equipment.

£10 extra will be included in total cost for PPE, extra disinfection requirements and more time doing this.

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