Mobile Cat Grooming in Guildford: Read Sarah’s Story

Mobile Cat Grooming, Guildford
When Sarah Turner from Guildford wanted a long-haired cat for her family there was something that worried her. She was concerned about the coat getting matted.
She also had a busy family life and felt that she would not have enough time to devote to grooming, which a long-haired cat needs to keep its coat in tip-top condition.
Maine Coon

Jan groomed Dexter, a beautiful Maine Coon from Farnham

That’s when Sarah, through a recommendation, got in touch with Master Cat Groomer, Jan Littlemore from Catskingdom.
Jan has built up a first-class reputation for cat grooming.
Customers like the fact that Jan travels to their homes to groom their cats. As Jan explains, grooming cats in their own home can help put even some of the most nervous animals at ease.
It can be stressful for cats to be removed from their home environment and taken to be groomed in a van parked in the drive or at a salon. This is because cats are more comfortable in their own familiar surroundings.”
And it’s this care that makes Jan so popular – her previous experience as a professional aromatherapist also helps to make animals feel relaxed.
For Sarah, the fact that she has found Jan and Catskingdom is a huge relief.
“I did lots of research into cat groomers and I’m pleased to have found Jan. I’m giving a home to a long-haired rescue cat.
To find out how Jan can help your cat, please get in touch:
Mobile 07702 010808

Watch Jan grooming a Maine Coon. See more videos on Catkingdom’s Facebook page.

Catskingdom mobile cat grooming covers all of Guildford and Surrey.