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I’ve a short-haired cat, do I need to have him professionally groomed?

John Spencer, Woking

Even short-haired cats should be groomed on a regular basis to get rid of any dirt or debris. Cats which can’t reach their backs or sides – maybe because they are overweight or have arthritis – need particular attention.

Mats can also be a problem for short-haired as well as long-haired cats. The tighter a mat becomes the more painful they are. This is not only very uncomfortable for the animal but may also result in the cat suffering with depression.

If you can’t get a comb in between the mat and the skin you need to call a professional groomer or animal practitioner. I’ve seen cats which have been injured by owners trying to remove mats themselves using scissors. The animals have needed stitching by the vet.

Nail trimming is an area that is also often overlooked by owners. Long nails are not only uncomfortable but are also unhealthy. They can dig into the cat’s paw pads causing painful sores. Indoor cats need particular help as their nails are not worn down regularly by being outside.

Professional cat groomers also know what to look for in terms of pest infestations and how to remove them. Bathing alone will often not be enough to get rid of little visitors!

Just a few of the reasons why you should employ a professional cat groomer.

Jan Littlemore (Owner of Catskingdom)

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Jan At Work

Here is a friendly boy Wiggins. I visit to groom his companion Lottie, a Persian. This time when she left the room and I was clearing up, he jumped up on the table and lay down, not wanting to miss out. The only difference was Lottie was wriggly and kept trying to leave the table, and Wiggins clearly wanted to stay put so I had to give him an express groom with the Zoom Groom to show him what he was missing.