Professional Mobile Cat Groomer Weybridge: 3 Reasons Why You Need One

1. Avoiding Stressful Journeys To A Grooming Salon

As a cat owner, you’ll know how stressful it can be trying to get your feline friend into a carrier and then a journey in the car to visit the vets but when your cat is unwell you don’t have a choice.

If your cat had been groomed in a dog grooming salon or a van parked outside your house, you probably would have found that it wasn’t a stress-free experience either for you or your cat.

That’s because cats are happier being groomed in their own surroundings with their own familiar smells.

Master Cat groomers undertake specialist training. Jan from Catskingdom is a Master Cat Groomer and grooms only cats in the comfort of their own home.

2. Safe Mat Removal

You might have tried removing mats from your cat’s coat yourself. Did you use try to cut out tight mats with scissors because they couldn’t be teased apart? It is never advisable to use scissors as the skin gets pulled up inside matted fur.

The skin could accidentally be cut leading to a potentially costly visit to the vets and a very upset cat who could understandably become afraid of being groomed for life. When matting is tight the only safe option is to have it shaved off professionally.

3. Keep Coats Mat-Free

Everyone leads such busy lives these days and grooming by owners can easily be forgotten which can lead to a matted coat.

That’s why booking regular maintenance grooming appointments with Jan at Catskingdom Mobile Cat Grooming can keep a cat’s coat mat free and in tip top condition. A regularly groomed cat is a happy cat!

Jan groom cats in their own homes not only in Weybridge but also across Surrey, South West London and surrounding areas.

Watch Jan grooming: