Mobile Cat Groomer In Reigate: Journalist John Mitchell meets Catskingdom

Journalist, John Mitchell, finds out what’s it like to be a mobile cat groomer in Reigate.

I’m meeting Jan Littlemore from Catskingsom mobile cat groomer for the first time. She has kindly allowed me to follow her on her rounds.

We’re making our way around beautiful countryside near Reigate to visit her second customer of the day. Catskingdom operates throughout Surrey and South West London.

In the car on the way over, I admit to Jan that I thought many people groomed their own cats.

Busy Lives

Jan explains that although some do, many people with busy lives are now choosing to have their cats groomed professionally.

I then remember seeing an area in a pet store where dogs and cats are groomed. Jan shakes her head.

“There are two issues with cats being groomed in places like that. Firstly, someone who grooms dogs and cats does not have the same level of expertise as a specialist cat groomer.

“Secondly, cats like to be in their own environment. Cats can become very stressed and agitated when they are moved to unfamiliar surroundings. Even if the animal is being groomed in a parked van on a driveway, it can still make them stressed. This means the grooming experience is unpleasant for the animal, owner and groomer.”

I’m beginning to realise that there’s more to grooming than I first thought. We pull up outside a house and I help Jan by carrying in a folding table and a large bag.

Warmly Greeted

We’re warmly greeted by her customer who has used Jan’s services for years. The customer has just moved into the house and Jan and the owner look at the best area to groom the cat. They choose a small quiet room and Jan sets out her equipment.

“It’s important to make the cat feel at ease. The grooming needs to be done on a firm surface,” explains Jan.

The owner brings the cat over. Slowly Jan begins stroking and talking softly to the animal, a Maine Coon, who soon relaxes. Jan gently begins to groom. Within a few moments, the cat is purring and I can see that the animal is really beginning to enjoy the experience.

Happy Cat

After the grooming is done, Jan invites me to stroke the cat. The fur seems so lovely and soft. It’s almost as if the cat is proud to show off its newly groomed coat. It certainly seems like a happy cat.

Watching Jan I can see why more owners are choosing regular professional grooming and in particular are using the services of Catskingdom. I can also see that not all cat groomers are the same. Jan comes out to owners’ homes and as I discover later is a Master cat groomer, the highest qualification in her field.

It’s no wonder that Jan has built-up a first-class reputation with cat owners for mobile grooming not only in Reigate but also across Surrey and South-West London. 

To book an appointment with Jan at Catskingdom, please call: 07702 010808 or

John Mitchell has written for a wide range of animal-related publications since 1994.

Watch Jan as she grooms Oscar from Cobham.