Mobile Cat Groomer – Dorking Answers: Should I have my cats’ claws trimmed professionally?

Cat Claws

Should I have my cats’ claws trimmed professionally asks Madge from Dorking

The answer is yes. This is particularly the case with cats that spend much of their time indoors or are not active – claws will not be naturally worn down from outside use.

Long claws can cause terrible problems. Not only can they catch on things such as clothing but worse they can dig into the cat’s paw pads or human skin!

Scratching is actually good for cats – it makes them feel happy and healthy. Scratching and stretching uses the same muscles as the ones the animals use to run and climb. It’s a bit like us humans, we all feel better after a good stretch! Stretching and scratching stops the muscles from cramping up. Scratching also improves circulation and helps the cats smooth out any rough edges on their claws. Did you know that cats leave visual clues to stop other cats from entering their boundaries.

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Claw trim with express brush out – if coat is not thick and has no mats – to Dorking would be £25 – £30 (approx £35).