Mobile Cat Groomer – Covering Twickenham- Asks Why His Cat Has Stopped Self Grooming

Peter from Twickenham contacted Jan from Catskingdom, the mobile cat groomer, because his elderly cat wasn’t grooming himself and he needed some help with his coat.

Hi Peter

Cat GroomingDid you know that cats spend half their time awake self grooming? This comes from their heritage when in the wild they would meticulously groom themselves to remove evidence of their kill to prevent them being detected by other animals. As cats have a reputation for being clean alarm bells should start ringing if you notice signs such as litter being stuck to their paws or food on their faces or chest.

If cats are not feeling 100%, the first thing to go is their self grooming and they will tend to sleep more. This means they won’t have energy to groom themselves.

An obvious sign, but not always, maybe a coat feeling dull, clumpy, sticky and matted.

Don’t be tempted to cut mats out yourself this is for a professional groomer like me. Mats need to be shaved out rather than cut out to prevent skin injuries from scissor cuts which will need stitching by a vet.

One of the main reasons for our feline friends stopping grooming is that they are in pain or unwell – cats can’t tell owners that they are suffering. Paying attention to your cat’s grooming habits can alert to any potential issues developing and becoming more serious.

  • Mouth and dental problems or disease
  • Cat bite or road traffic injuries
  • Obeseity/arthritis
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Other serious health problems

Cats may just be overwhelmed the task of grooming if their fur is very long or thick or very short and dense especially during the moulting season and have no health problems. Particularly longhaired moggies and breeds such as Ragdolls, Persians, Maine Coons and British Shorthairs have high maintenance coats and may need extra help with their grooming from their owners or a professional groomer to prevent their coats becoming matted.

If you notice your cat’s grooming habits changing and change in behaviour you should consult your vet if you are at all concerned.  It’s also important to keep your cat regularly groomed which is where Catskingdom can help. Our grooming could help prevent nasty  tangles and mats developing which can potentially be painful for your cat.

Remember a happy cat with a sleek, shiny coat is a healthy cat.


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