Mobile Cat Groomer – Covering Leatherhead – Advice On Grooming

All these lovely fur babies really enjoy their grooms. I hope you enjoy watching this little video compilation as much as I enjoyed grooming these kitties 😻😻😻

Posted by Catskingdom mobile cat grooming on Friday, 21 June 2019

Mobile Cat Groomer, Jan Littlemore from Catskingdom which covers Leatherhead, has this advice on grooming.

Is your feline friend looking a bit scruffy? Have you tried grooming your cat yourself? The trouble is unless you know what you’re doing, it’s incredibly hard to do a groom. It’s a feeling that Simon from Leatherhead knows only too well.

“I have two rescue cats and it’s taken a while for them to trust me. They will voluntarily sit on my lap in the evenings which has been a huge step but when I try to comb their fur, they run away. Luckily so far the cats haven’t had matted hair but I guess it’s only a matter of time. I wouldn’t know how to deal with this issue. Grooming is beginning to be stressful!”

Jan Littlemore is a professional cat groomer. Her grooming business covers not only Leatherhead but all of Surrey and South West London. Jan says that Simon is typical of the sort of customers she sees.

“Often owners come to me because they’ve tried grooming their pets themselves but have found the experience stressful. Some like Simon don’t know how to deal with matted hair – my advice is don’t ever try and cut hair in this state yourself as you can accidentally snip your pet’s skin. This can be extremely painful for your cat (and your wallet when you have to take your animal to see a vet).”

For Jan, who is a Master Cat Groomer the highest qualification in the field for cat grooming, there is an art to learning how to groom a cat. But it comes down to one main area.

“It’s all about having a gentle and relaxed approach. I have been doing this for a long time and I am able to draw on my experience as a complementary therapist. I am also soon to be qualified as an animal healer. There’s a lot more to grooming a cat than many people realise.

Jan Littlemore holding up two catsJan also has this advice for people thinking of taking their cats to a parlour or to someone who grooms in a parked van.

“Try and have the animals groomed in their own environment. Our feline friends are territorial creatures and prefer to be in their own surroundings. It’s not fair on the cats and it does make them feel more stressed. That’s why Catskingdom only grooms in the cats own home. This approach also makes it convenient for owners as well. 

“Finally, if any loose hair remains in the coat from the summer moult, it can mat with the new winter growth coming in. I get large number of new enquiries in the new year on a yearly basis saying cat’s coat suddenly became matted and often shaving is required to remove it. Contact us to remove tangles and knots before matting develops to avoid the need for large areas of matted fur bring shaved off. Remember that happy cats are healthier cats.”

If you are in Leatherhead or the surrounding areasand are looking for a mobile cat groomer, please get in touch with Jan.

Mobile 07702 010808