Looking For A Mobile Cat Groomer In Barnes – Why Catskingdom Could Be Just The Help You Need

Mobile cat groomer Barnes

There’s no doubt about it, long-haired cat breeds such as Persians, Maine Coons and Ragdolls are stunning-looking animals.  However, some owners are not prepared for the amount of work needed to keep their cat’s coat knot-free and in tip top condition. Yet as many owners know grooming their long-haired cats is not always easy because not all cats enjoy the grooming process.

Jan grooms Sparkle a Maine Coon 

Jan draws on her own experience as a professional aromatherapist to make cats feel relaxed. “The key is to make the grooming experience as relaxing as possible. I will not force a cat to be groomed. In some cases, especially with rescue cats, their history may not be known and several sessions may be needed to put particularly nervous felines at ease.” Healing sessions for traumatised rescue cats can be of great benefit to enable them to accept the grooming process, whether from a professional or from the owner. Jan is a qualified animal healer, registered with the Healing Animals Organisation, and may use healing as part of a grooming session if necessary. Jan can also do healing sessions independent of grooming,

Jan says that regular grooming:

  • Removes loose hair
  • Helps to improve muscle tone & skin condition
  • Keeps the coat waterproof
  • Regulates the cat’s temperature

First-Class Reputation

Jan has built-up a first-class reputation as a cat groomer. She is a Master Cat Groomer – the highest qualification in the field. With the addition of her healings skills, she can work more effectively with cats which are anxious, nervous or easily stressed.

If you’re looking for a mobile cat groomer in Barnes you can trust, do get in touch with Catskingdom today: 07702 010808 | jan@catskingdom.co.uk