Grooming an overweight cat


Lucky Cat

Lucky – an overweight cat (stock image)


I often come across cats whose coats are in poor condition because they are unable to reach their backs and rear parts because they are overweight. they need regular grooming from a professional cat groomer to prevent mats forming and to keep their fur conditioned. Owners ideally should also help with combing between professional grooms.

I always advise owners to have their overweight cats checked by the vet who may recommend a diet to help with weight reduction which in turn should encourage them to start grooming themselves once they can begin to reach their back areas.

Exercise can always help too. You may need to encourage a very inactive cat to start playing interactively with you.

Running up and down stairs chasing a dangly toy can be fun and exercise for both of you! Do check with your vet whether it is safe for your overweight cat to exercise and also don’t overdo it yourself and check with your doctor if you are not used to exercise youself! This is from my personal point of view and experience and should not be considered a substitute for professional veterinary advice.If you would like to have your cat groomed, please get in touch with Jan: 

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