At the moment I’m able to remove matted fur or clip ingrown claws only which are classed as an emergency (currently available in Cobham). Routine non emergency grooming appointments have been postponed until after lockdown restrictions are lifted. In the meantime here are some tips to keep your cat’s coat in check.


  • Groom your cat at least twice a week
  • Use a wide toothed comb to check for any knots
  • Gently ease apart loose clumps or knots with the comb while holding them between the thumb and fingers of your other hand then brush using a firm brush all over the clump-free coat
Cut out tight knots or mats which are close to the skin. Skin gets pulled up inside mats and its easy to cut the skin unintentionally which could potentially cost a lot more than dematting by a groomer if anaesthetic and suturing is needed by your vet.
Tight mats are classed as an emergency as they cause discomfort pain and distress. Make an appointment to have the matting removed as soon as possible. There’s no need to wait until lockdown ends – complete a grooming request form.
Cartoon cat sleeping