In Dorking? Mobile Cat Groomer Tells Why Cats Are Happier Groomed At Home


In Dorking? Mobile Cat Groomer’s Sound Advice

Do you find it an ordeal getting your cat into a carrier for a trip to the vets or the grooming salon? If your cat then pants or meows constantly during the car journey you’ll know how stressful it can be for you to witness your cat in distress.

A visit to the vets is necessary but having your cat groomed in their own home is a happier and relaxing experience for both you and your cat. 

That’s why Jan Littlemore at Catskingdom Mobile Cat Grooming will only groom in a cats own home where the cat feels most relaxed, not in a van parked outside. Owners like this too because visits can be booked at a time to fit around busy work schedules and school runs. 

Regularly grooming is essential for making a cat a happy cat. Most cats need assistance with grooming as they may neglect certain areas resulting in clumps of moulted hair sitting in the coat which will become matted without human help to remove it. 

Long haired cats especially can become overwhelmed by so much loose hair in their coat which is swallowed when they groom themselves and forms fur balls in their stomachs which are usually regurgitated or, in some cases, may cause a blockage requiring surgical removal. 

Leave matted hair removal  to a professional cat groomer.

If the coat becomes matted and tight to the skin, this as an emergency situation, as it is painful for the cat and the mats will need to be shaved off by a professional groomer. 

There are many cases of injuries caused by owners trying to remove their cat’s matted hair themselves with scissors and their pet needing stitches at the vets when the skin, which gets pulled up inside the mats they had tried to remove, is accidentally cut. 

 It is much safer to call in a professional groomer than risk accidentally cutting a cat and then having a stressful car journey to the vets for wounds to be stitched.

The next time your cat develops mats in their coat and you are looking for a cat groomer in the Dorking area, why not get in touch with Jan Littlemore, Master Cat Groomer at Catskingdom Mobile Cat Grooming who specialises in grooming only cats. 

Her gentle and therapeutic approach is popular with both cats and owners. She can remove mats safely and give follow up maintenance grooms to ensure your cat’s coat remains in tip top condition.

Jan says:

“The video above is of Sam, a friendly elderly cat from nearby Leatherhead. He responded very well to massage during his cat grooming session. He is on pain relieving medication for arthritis in his legs and he became relaxed and sleepy as I massaged his paws and was more comfortable for the rest of his groom.”

Get in touch with Jan from Catskingdom – the mobile cat groomer covering Dorking – today.