Cobham-Based Mobile Cat Groomer Answers Question About Water And Cats

Cat drinking from tap waterCobham-Based Mobile Cat Groomer, Jan Littlemore from Catskingdom.

Is Your Cat Drinking Enough Water?

Due to originally coming from dry regions, cats respond less to thirst and dehydration compared to dogs, so cats may not be drinking enough water and need to be encouraged to drink more. In the wild, cats get most of their water-needs from the prey they catch.

Drinking enough water is especially important for cats eating only a dry food diet as they may consume half the amount of water compared to cats on a wet commercial food diet.

Cats are also fussy about drinking – they do not like their whiskers touching the side of their bowl and their eye sight is particularly poor as they cannot see the water level.

However, their hearing is very good and cats are often drawn to the sound of running water. Some cats may even ask you to turn the tap on for them! Water fountains are a good compromise for encouraging their interest in  running water and helping them to stay hydrated. Drinking enough water is important to prevent kidney and urinary tract disease which cats can be prone to developing.

If you are at all concerned about your pet not drinking enough water, please consult your vet.

Grooming is also important for your cat’s wellbeing. Jan runs Catskingdom Mobile Cat Grooming. Grooming cats in their own home is preferred by our feline friends. Jan is a Master Cat Groomer, the highest qualification in the cat grooming field. She has a background in complimentary therapies and uses handling techniques which puts even the most nervous and shy cats at ease. 

Catskingdom covers not only Cobham but all of Surrey and South West London.

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