4 Things to look for when choosing a Mobile Cat Groomer in Reigate

If you’re looking for a cat groomer in Reigate, these tips will help you find the right one.

Keeping your cat’s hair in shape means having a happier cat.

Without proper grooming, there’s a danger of health issues including digestive problems caused by hairballs. But did you know that grooming also helps to improve your animal’s coat and skin.

For many, the thought of trying to groom a cat can seem daunting. Where do you start for instance and what if you feel you simply don’t have the time to groom your pet properly.

That’s why having a professional pet groomer can seem an attractive option. There are some groomers that allow you to take your cat to see them and some that will groom your animal in a van parked near your home.

Yet if you’re a cat owner already you will know that it can be a struggle trying to entice your animal into their carrier basket. It can make both the cat and owner feel stressed!

So what should you look for when choosing a cat groomer for the first time.

  1. Look for their professional qualifications – remember that not all groomers are the same. Choose one that is specifically trained for cats and not a general pet groomer.
  2. Check their reputation by looking at customer reviews on their website and social media.
  3. See if there are any videos of the groomer in action. If so, do the cats seem content?
  4. Find out if the cat groomer comes out to your home – remember cats are far happier being groomed in their own environment.

Catskingdom has built up an excellent reputation for cat grooming. Jan Littlemore, who runs Catskingdom, is a Master Cat Groomer and a member of the Pet Industry Federation.

Jan grooms cats in their own homes across Reigate and in Surrey and South West London, and at times to suit owners.

Maine Coon Sparkle who lives in Sutton, having the finishing touches to her maintenance groom. She was very relaxed by the end.

What Some Of Catskingdom Customers Are Saying

“Jan is amazing! She spent nearly an hour and half grooming our precious 20 year old Tuxie, who now looks half her age! Pepz is a feisty girl and is very difficult for an amateur to groom. Jan made it look like a walk in the park! Her technique is brilliant.”


“I have a 20 year old British shorthair who doesn’t bother grooming much any more. He loves his sessions with Jan, and is completely relaxed and content while she grooms him. He is left fluffy, clean and happy, and seems to be able to move much more freely and comfortably after his massage. It’s lovely to see the old boy so spirited!”


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