Looking For A Cat Groomer In Putney? Here Are 5 Things To Check

1. Location

If you’ve ever struggled trying to get your cat into a carrier box you’ll know how stressful it can be for both cat and owner.

A specialist cat groomer will groom in the cat’s own surroundings – not in a vehicle parked in the driveway or at a dog grooming salon.

2. Dog and Cat groomers

Dog groomers who also groom cats have not undertaken the same high standard of training as a specialist cat groomer who only groom cats.

3. Qualifications

The highest cat grooming qualification is Master Cat Groomer  – Jan who runs Catskingdom Mobile Cat Grooming is qualified to this level.

You may want to ask if they have a current DBS certificate (if applicable).

4. Reputation

Can you see lots of good customer reviews? Remember to check out their reviews on Google or Yell as well as their website.

5. Gentle Approach

Do they have a gentle approach when they groom? Check out their videos to watch them in action. Do the cats seem contented?

And finally, if you’re still not sure about finding the right groomer for you then try Catskingdom! Master Cat Groomer, Jan Littlemore, owner of Catskingdom Mobile Cat Grooming, grooms cats in their own homes in Putney, Southwest London and throughout Surrey.

Cats and their owners love Jan’s gentle approach. Jan also incorporates a therapeutic approach and massage into her grooming sessions.

What Catskingdom’s Customers Are Saying:

Jan provides an extremely professional service and is a true expert in cat grooming and cat behaviour. She’s been visiting my two Ragdolls for 4 years now and I wouldn’t use anybody else. She’s always patience and calm and my boys look and feel amazing afterwards.


My Ragdoll hates being groomed so we had a huge problem when her fur became knotted. We were unable to do anything about it ourselves without her becoming very distressed. After several bad experiences with professional groomers we had almost given up when we came upon Jan at Catskingdom. It was like finding a Fairy Godmother!


And this is Rufio from Putney experiencing the rubber brush which he seemed to like the best. He was pulling Jan’s hand towards his face.

If you would like to find out more or you want to book an appointment, please get in touch:

Mobile 07702 010808
Email jan@catskingdom.co.uk