Looking for a Cat Groomer in Woking?

Cat Groomer Jan Littlemore from Catskingdom, which operates in Woking and across Surrey and South West London, explains why it’s so important to keep your cat groomed.

Did you know that keeping your cat well groomed is more than just a matter of looks – it’s vital for their health and well-being.

Moulting mainly takes places during spring and summer and loose hair can be swallowed by cats when they groom themselves. This can cause problems for their digestion systems. Cats will usually vomit their hair – known as fur balls on your carpets! However in some cases especially in long-hair cats, excessive swallowed fur can cause digestive blockages.

As cat owners will know that.

Did you also know that regular grooming:

  • Keeps the coat waterproofed
  • Regulates the cat’s temperature
  • Removes loose hair
  • Helps to improve muscle tone & skin condition

Some cats are much more tolerant of being groomed than others.  If you have a difficult to groom cat it’s important in your grooming sessions to:

  • Select a regular time
  • Use the same location
  • Work on a firm surface
  • Build up the grooming time slowly
  • Consider using treats

Professional grooming is recommended several times a year to help keep the coat shiny, smooth and in tip-top condition. Mats are painful for cats so regular grooming is needed to prevent them forming. If you notice any mats forming it’s important to have them removed as soon as possible.

Never cut mats off with scissors as skin can be pulled up inside them and injuries caused. It’s also important to remember that matting can also lead to skin irritations and skin infections. Catskingdom can show you how to maintain your cat’s coat in between professional grooming sessions. A happy well-groomed cat is a healthy cat.

A bit of fussing with Maine Coon Dylan before his cat grooming session. Duke wants attention too!

If you’re looking for a cat groomer in Woking you can trust, do get in touch with us today.