Mobile Cat Groomer Covering Esher Answers Your Questions

Jan Littlemore – based in Cobham and covering Esher as well as the surroundings areas, answers common questions about cat grooming.

Q Does my cat need to be groomed? Don’t they do it themselves?

A Many cats can certainly groom their own fur but what about those who are old or who can’t reach their backs?

Q What are the main reasons for grooming a cat?

Grooming also keeps the coat waterproofed which helps regulate the cat’s temperature. It’s also helps with the animal’s overall health and well being. There’s also all that moulted hair that will be left on your nice carpets if you don’t groom your cat!

Q Can’t I groom my cat myself?

A We actually encourage regular grooming but in many cases it’s important to have your cat professionally groomed as well.

For instance, we know how to deal with getting rid of matted fur. We advise never to cut out the hair yourself. You might accidentally cut the skin which could lead to a costly visit to the vets and a very unhappy cat.

Q Does a professional cat groomer do anything special?

A I incorporate a therapeutic approach and massage into my grooming sessions. I also clean eyes and ears in a safe and hygienic way. I will take care of any claws needing attention too.

Q Do cats actually enjoy grooming?

A If you’ve ever owned a cat you’ll know how stressful it can be doing it yourself .

There are things that can help. Cats like to be groomed in their own homes – it’s why if you’ve ever taken your cat to a grooming parlour it probably was a stressful experience. By the way, cat groomers are specialists – I’m qualified to the highest level as a Master Cat Groomer.

If you think I can help you with your next cat groom, please get in touch.

I groom not only in Esher but also across Surrey & South West London.