Cat Groomer’s Purr-fect Way To Help People With Autism And Anxiety

We’re delighted to launch our new sensory soothers to help autistic children and adults.

Read our press release below.

A well respected cat groomer in Surrey thinks she may have come up with a novel way of helping autistic children and adults reduce their anxiety levels in difficult situations.

Jan Littlemore, who runs Catskingdom based in Cobham, has turned fur from the cats she grooms into beautiful cat fur sensory soothers such as small dice and palm size furry hearts.

cat fur dice“Particularly with many people on the autism spectrum anxiety is a real problem. It can affect a person both physically and psychologically.

“The idea behind the cat fur sensory soothers is that people can stroke the fur of their cat which should bring comfort. Some children on the autistic spectrum, for instance, may be very attached to their furry friend when they leave the security of their home. If they are able to take a furry heart/ball made with their cat’s fur it should help keep them focused. One of my closest relatives is on the autistic spectrum and also has Attention Deficient Disorder.”

Jan became a massage therapist to help her own son who was diagnosed on the autistic spectrum disorder in the 90s.

Heart made out of cat fur on a ribbon “My background as a massage/touch therapist with autistic children has led me to believe that cat fur can be recycled in a positive and useful way.”

Now Jan wants to offer the furry soothers for free to those who have had a cat groomed by her who have a family member with these conditions.

“Unfortunately, I can only work with fur from the cats I groom – I know what type of quality fur to use. Sometimes fur is unsuitable – it could be matted for instance.”


Limited Time

Jan says the palm size furry hearts for instance, normally retails at £20 which includes a paw print in contrasting colour or furry ball with a heart in a contrasting colour. She will offer them for free as part of her cat grooming service for a limited time only.

“It’s just my little way of giving something back – hopefully it will bring a little comfort to those with these conditions and suffering anxiety.”

See Jan’s furry soothers here.

You can also buy the soothers separately – without owning a cat. Get in touch with Jan today.