Animal Healer Surrey’s Jan Littlemore Talks About Her New Qualification

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Animal Healer Surrey – Qualification

I qualified as an animal healer in January 2020 but what exactly does animal healing mean?

Animal healing is a non-invasive complementary therapy benefitting animals suffering from wide range of issues such as stress, anxiety and fear. It also helps animals with health issues recovering from operations and injury.

Healing promotes a deep sense of relaxation and calm, a state in which the body can begin to heal itself. As it’s non-invasive, this therapy works alongside existing treatments given by vets and other professionals.

I really enjoyed the course even though it meant a lot of study and hard work over a year. It involved researching and writing six 2000 word essays and producing 12 case studies. There were also plenty of opportunities to work with a wide range of animals brought into the course; we also worked with animals at rescue centres. This included cats, dogs, tortoises, parrots, bats, a snake and even a bearded dragon.

The course was developed by Elizabeth Whiter who has a world-wide reputation for animal healing. It’s been taken by vets as well as animal specialists like myself from all over the world. The Diploma is a professional qualification and is associated with the Healing Animals Organisation of which I’m now a member.

As a cat groomer , I often come across rescue cats with emotional and behavioural problems associated with past trauma. They can often hide away, fearful of people and touch. As a healer I’m able to work with cats to help them release trauma and associated fear to allow them to accept human contact which includes grooming, an important part of their health and wellbeing.

Healing can be very beneficial in helping animals cope with major changes in their lives such as moving to a new home, a new baby or new animal in the household.

If you think your cat (and other animals in your household) would benefit from some animal healing. please get in touch for a chat:

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