Your master cat groomer is...

Jan Littlemore

Your cat groomer is Jan Littlemore, living in Cobham, Surrey. I have been owned by cats all of my life and I adore them! I currently have two beautiful Maine Coons Alfie and Pasha, who demand lots of love and attention. They need daily brushing as they are prone to developing tangles in the long silky fur between their legs.

When one of my cats developed a mat from wearing a body bandage after an operation, I could not find a specialist cat groomer in my area, so I decided to train as a cat groomer myself, to enable me to both groom my own cats at home and offer a unique mobile service to other cat owners.

Grooming techniques I use are regarded as the best available, having undergone training with Master Cat Groomer, Svetlana Broussova. I am qualified as a Master Cat Groomer – the highest qualification in the field.

I am DBS checked and hold full insurance. You can be assured that your cat will be in good hands.

‘Jan is a great cat lover and her holistic approach towards them makes her a very special cat groomer. She is very calm, patient and extremely gentle. Her smooth handling and grooming techniques provide reassurance and a sense of security which is vital when working with cats. Jan has worked confidently with cats of different breeds, coats and temperaments, achieving excellent Master Cat Groomer Level results, and I have no hesitation in highly recommending her as a professional cat groomer.’

Svetlana Broussova, Cat Grooming School