3 Common Grooming Questions Answered By Cat Groomer Covering Walton-on-Thames

Cat About To Have A BathShould I give my cat a bath?

The jury is still out on this. In my view, and this is only my view, cats do not need baths. As part of my professional grooming service, I do give cats a shampoo anyway. I’ve never tried it but I would imagine giving a cat a bath is pretty stressful!

Do I need to brush my cat’s hair if they are self-grooming anyway?

Think about it this way, when cats groom it’s really only a lick and a polish! There are some parts of their bodies that they may not be able to reach particularly if they are overweight, have an underlying medical condition or are old. So cats do need help (in between professional grooms of course).

If you have a long haired cat, I would suggest brushing your cat once or twice a day. For short haired cats, a few times a week will probably be fine. Make sure:

  • You brush in the direction of the hair
  • Choose the right comb for your cat’s hair

I have heard that brushing helps a cat’s circulation. I don’t know if this is true or not but I do know that a healthy cat – and that includes having a nice coat – makes for a happy cat!

Should I cut out matted hair myself?

Definitely not! Leave it for the professionals like me. I have heard so many stories where people have used scissors to cut out the mats. Because the hair has been thick, the owners have accidently cut into their animal’s skin. It obviously hurts the cats – some have needed stitches – and hurts the owners’ wallets!

Jan is the owner of Catskingdom (mobile cat grooming) which covers not only Walton-on-Thames but also all of Surrey and South West London. If you would like Jan to groom your cat, then please get in touch.

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Jan is a Master Cat Groomer – the highest qualification available in the field.