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Mobile Cat Grooming

We offer a professional mobile cat grooming service, and work in the comfort of your cat’s own familiar environment. Some appointments are available at my Covid-safe grooming studio in Cobham.
I am also qualified in animal healing and specialise in working with rescue cats. If you have a nervous or skittish cat who may not respond well to new people or grooming, this complementary therapy may help put them at ease and more accepting of touch generally and being groomed.
Please get in touch to discuss your cats individual needs.
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Why choose Catskingdom?

  • Comfortable Experience

    I specialise in grooming cats in their own homes. This makes for a comfortable, less stressful experience for cats who are usually happier in their own familiar surroundings, and more convenient for owners with a busy lifestyle.

  • Promoting Health

    Professional grooming helps to keep a cat’s skin and coat clean and in good condition. It stimulates the skin and circulation and removes dead skin cells and loose hair and helps to keep it free from tangles and mats, which can cause discomfort to the cat.

  • Digestive Benefits

    Brushing out on a regular basis to remove dead hair means less hair swallowed when a cat grooms itself, which in turn benefits the digestive function by helping to prevent the formation of large hairballs in the stomach.

  • A Gentle Approach

    By having your cat groomed by Catskingdom, you can be assured that they will be treated gently and compassionately. I will always put your cat’s needs first.

  • Master Cat Groomer

    Grooming and handling techniques I use are regarded as the best available.

  • Energy Healing Therapy

    Energy healing I offer may benefit skittish nervous and anxious cats prior to grooming appointments to help them feel more relaxed and accepting of human contact whether from the owner or groomer.

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What our clients have to say

Happy Cats

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    Jan has been an absolute godsend. She can put the grumpiest cat at ease and does an incredible job of de-knitting  even the knottiest kitten. I honestly cannot recommend Jan highly enough!

    Dai Bach

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    Jan was amazing with my rescued Maine Coon. Lilly had a rough first 3 years being bred and shown abd being groomed was seen as a horrific experience. If she saw a brush she ran and hid. Jan spect time letting Lilly approach her, stroke her and then used herbs to calm her. Lilly loved it, rolling around in pure contentment. She was accepting of Jan grooming her to rid her of all her mats. I have no hesitation in recommending Catskingdom to anyone especially those with nervous or skittish rescue cats.

    Z Campbell 

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    During lockdown our cat Charlie got rather matted. This required almost 2 hours of work by Jan  but I was allowed to observe the work safely through the window. Jan had a magical way with him where he quickly relaxed and appeared to be sleeping. If you want to ensure your cat has the best stress free experience Jan is the only choice.

    G Parsons